Psychological Illnesses which Go in Parallel with Homosexuality:

Besides the somatic illnesses, the homosexual/gay existence style affects human psychology negatively as well. According to the latest research, the rates of depression, anxiety, sadism, masochism, suicide and addiction have displayed a visible increase among homosexuals.

The latest two researches on suicide openly point out the differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals. These researches are important in terms of the “Homosexual Repair Therapy” we will be reading about as well; because, the criticism made on these types of therapies advocate the idea that these “increase the rates of suicide”. However, in reality, the homosexual lifestyle can already push a person to commit suicide.19 20

The high rates of depression in homosexuals are a process which has a variety of reasons; it needs to be studied more in-depth. We will be touching upon this issue in the Sufi Nafs psychology evaluation at the end of this article.21

Another pathology is all types of addiction; 25-33% of homosexuals are alcoholics. Drugs and alcohol addiction is 340% higher in bisexual teenagers in comparison to heterosexuals.22

Two studies which state that homosexuality does not form pathology in psychological terms and thus represent the opposite point of view have been published in 1982 by Gonsiorek and in 1988 by Ross.23 24

Both of these researches defend the idea that “there is a difference psychologically; even if there is a difference, it exists due to the pressure exerted by society” between those who are homosexual and those who are not. In another research conducted in the same period, Riess (1980) discovered that there is a higher level of “personal and emotional excessive sensitivity” in homosexuals, using the MMPI test.25

The advocators of the Gay Lifestyle in general claim that the psychological problems arise due to environmental/social pressure and say “alienation, ridicule and not being treated like human beings make us sick”. However, studies conducted in Holland and New Zealand which almost have no objection to homosexuality showed that this condition has nothing to do with “homophobia”.26

Another homosexual pathological behavior is the sadomasochist actions and these are practiced more frequently in comparison to those who are not homosexuals. In Germany, a research conducted on 245 sadomasochist’s state that, these acts are performed at the rate of 30% in those who only engage in sexual intercourse with the opposite sex, 31% in bisexuals and 38% in homosexuals.27

We have seen that homosexuality gives enormous damage both to the body and to human psychology. Then, where can such a lifestyle as a global movement, which is advocated to the whole world as normal and as a part of human rights by some media organizations, academic circles, “clubs” which have no limits and political supporters, take society?


Of course, humanity has a primeval “wall of defense” due its innate nature. Even if there are differences between civilizations, this structure, which is defined as intellect, rationality and common sense, unifies us with common causes. In the different trips I have made to different parts of the world, especially to the remotest parts of Africa, I have immediately realized this common wall, no matter which religion was practiced (animistic, Shamanistic, Christian, etc.) and have taken great lessons from those people we call primitive. Acknowledgment of homosexuality as normal, even something to be proud of seems to be firstly breaking this wall. I would like to give some examples which clarify this situation:

NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) is an association founded by the pioneers of the gay movement, such as Harry Hay and David Thorstadt. Their purpose is to prove that it is right and beneficial for men to have sexual intercourse with underage male children and to legalize this. In many gay marches, they also participate, carry placards and advocate “human” rights. When this subject arises, other gay institutions immediately take the defense and say “They are not one of us; it is a tendency we do not approve of”. However, when we take a look at the statistics, we come face to face with a very painful aspect of homosexuality. Unfortunately, the homosexuals with the rate of 13% constitute the 33% of the sexual abuse crimes committed against children.28

“Pedophilia” or having sexual tendencies towards teenagers is the keystones of homosexual inclination (see, Picture 26 and 27). 73% of homosexuals have been determined to have sexual intercourse with teenagers between the ages of 16-19 through studies.29 In fact, the “male child porn” considerably attracts more attention among homosexuals.30 31

According to Economic Time, the source which brings the highest profit is pornography (Jaychandran, 2006). It is estimated that, this industry is worth 57 billion dollars and 12 billion dollars in the USA alone.

The events which confirm this situation in the recent times have unfortunately come from a much unexpected place: From the personal lives of Christian religious officials (See, Picture 28-29). Scandals were given place by the media from the lives of Catholic priests, bishops, even archbishops who cannot get married and unfortunately, it has been understood that this perversity was not limited to isolated events. If even priests attempt to do this, imagine what may happen when the walls come down.

Another example which really pushes our wall of common sense is the activities of GLSEN, Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (founded in 1990). During the Obama administration, Kevin Jennings has been appointed as the head of “Schools which are Safe and Free of Substance Addiction” department. However, Jennings is both the founder of GLSEN mentioned above and was still its President when he was appointed to his state duty. Therefore, the “Safe Schools” project and “GLSEN”, the gay project, somehow come together and is supported with subsidies by the state. GLSEN’s main purpose is to create programs which support sexual tolerance in schools and to allow the ones who are homosexuals and those who are not to mingle in school clubs.32

Group therapies were given and everyone, including the teachers, who open up, voice their opinion and alternative role models are presented. Just as the tough cowboy role model was softened in the film Brokeback Mountain, the teachers openly expressed what kinds of feelings they had; thus, an “ideal” model was created both for homosexual students and the respect shown by those who are heterosexuals towards homosexuals was increased. “My teacher too?” 200 teenagers and 300 adults were brought by buses to the campus of Tuft University in Massachusetts from the nearby high-schools. Up to this point, some of us may say “Well, that’s good; these are efforts to end discrimination and alienation”. However, this is not true; because, in these seminars practical training was given as well in terms of safe sexuality. State employees (!) talked about various subjects starting from oral sex between homosexuals to using artificial penises and lesbian techniques. And they did this through projections. One of these “safe” sexual techniques is to insert your hand and arm to the anus and the vagina. This technique is narrated with very emotional expressions, such as “inserting your hand to the anus of someone you love…” According to a research, 22% of homosexuals apply the technique “fisting” (inserting your hand/arm to the anus)”.33 I hope I have been able to express where the crumbling of the wall of good-sense will take us. Please, do not ever say that these will not happen in our country. When we take a look at the last two decades, we can see that we totally imitate these “blessed” people with just a little delay.

If you ask what happened after this scandal (fistgate/watergate!) broke out, GLSEN and Kevin Jennings did not even attempt to deny what happened. They even say “How have we done wrong? This is our business, we will do it again” with a very proud expression (this statement can be found in tape recordings). 3 teachers were given a suspension, but a countersuit has been opened with the support of the gay organizers. According to them, the Parents’ Rights Coalition and their President, Brian Camenker, have committed crimes by disclosing this situation and they need to pay reimbursement. However, the trial ends in the favor of the gay party in 2006 and Camenker is given permission to publish his citation from the tape recordings. An African proverb says “Do not break down a wall, if you don’t know why it was built”. As it is possible to see from the examples I have given, the issue is not only homosexuality, but the crumbling wall of conscience, good-sense and decorum. A group of people disregard the majority, only because of their ideology and because they acquired the control of corner points and attempt to break down this wall, using their prestige in the areas of finance, media, politics, academics and law. A lifestyle, which we may not even wish for our enemies (leave aside our families and friends) becomes wishes to be imposed on the world. Today homosexual rights, tomorrow their marriages, adoptions, the acknowledgment of pedophilia, school clubs, pornographic publications under the name of safe sexuality… Encouragement of extra-marital affairs, unfaithfulness after marriages (Sex and the City), profiting from weakness of gossiping, tittle-tattling and slander which are the rules of basic psycho-hygiene (Gossip Girl) and alcohol’s being imprinted in our minds as an indispensable civilized behavior… A hedonist, self-seeking, narcissist and unmoral mass-consumption, “abra-civilisation” and the gradual disintegration of the institution of family…



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